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Leo Yuwono

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Leo's journey towards Noahide start in 2013 where he decided to embark the journey of truth, learning what the jews really believe from a neutral standpoint, without bias. This journey then bring him to a decission to embrace Torah after learning that this is the Truth, a guide given by G-d The Creator for humankind.

Rabbi Tovia Singer become an important figure that contribute to the journey, his books : the 2 volume of Let's Get Biblical, and his audio & video alike. On 2015 when the Rabbi decided to stay in Jakarta, Leo took no time in deciding to learn directly, until 2019. On his farewell message, Rabbi Singer emphasize the importance of Torah for Indonesia, to make Torah available and accessible for Indonesian people in Bahasa Indonesia.

By November 2019, Noahide Indonesia community start it's humble beginning : An online Torah class in Bahasa Indonesia, with around 9 people joining on weekly basis, The class were also co-taught by : Elisheva, Abigail and Yokhanan, founder of Eits Chaim Indonesia.

By now, the Community members reach 140 people, spreaded across Indonesian Archipelago.

Leo is learning weekly with Rav. Moshe Perets and Rav. Dr. Shimon D. Cowen. The Rabbis also provide Online Torah Class to the community.

May the light of Torah continue to shine for Indonesian people, and may it be G-d's will the light will only be increasing every day.


  • Community Leader
  • Orach Chaim Graduate
    Orach Chaim Graduate
    Has completed with Success the Orach Chaim Study Program of the Noahide Academy.
  • Qualified to Teach
    Qualified to Teach
    Passed with Success the Yoreh Deah Study Program
  • Even HaEzer Graduate
    Even HaEzer Graduate
    Qualified to Conduct a Noahide Wedding


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