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Yoreh Deah I - Expertise in the Laws of Idolatry, Vows and Murder First Part.

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“It Teaches Understanding” is the second part of the Study Cycle on the Code of Law for Noahides, the compendium of Torah Law for gentiles applicable today, compiled by Rabbi Moshe Weiner in 2012 (5573). The scope of topics included in this section of the Code of Law is very broad, ranging from Laws regarding idolatry, blasphemy, vows and promises and their annulment, laws pertaining to the consumption and manipulation of animal meat, suffering of animals, mating different species of animals or grafting different species of fruit trees, laws concerning forbidden relations, Laws of Saving Oneself or One’s Property at the Expense of Another’s Money, and Taking the Law into One’s Own Hands Theft Incurred by False Measurements, and the Prohibition of Cheating or Misinforming Another, Prohibition of Murder; Abortion; Euthanasia; Causing Mortal, Injury, and Partners in Murder, Suicide, and Sacrificing One’s Life for One of the Seven Noahide Commandments, Laws of a Pursuer and Self Defense and more.

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