The Theory of
Universal Ethics

Online Course

The Author
Rabbi Dr. Shimon Cowen.

Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization, Melbourne, Australia.

Course Overview

In this course you will learn about the world-view of culture, religions and the original covenant between the
Creator and humanity.


  1. The historical process of humanity’s spiritual refinement up until our days.

  2. Human intellect created in the “image” of God.

  3. How the Seven Noahide Laws intrinsically fit human rationality.

  4. The dimensions of human personality.

  5. The human psychological matrix according to the
    Noahide Laws.

Video Lecture 2


What does it Mean to Be Made in the “Image” of God?

Video Lecture 3


What is the Relation Between Rationality  and the Noahide Laws?

Video Lecture 4


Video Lecture on the Noahide Laws and Human Psychology.

Video Lecture 5


 World Society and the Noahide Laws.

If you would like to take the integral Course which besides the video-lessons includes:

  • 5 Reading Lessons

  • 5 Quizzes

  • Questions/Answers forum

  • Live weekly classes

  • A Final Certificate from the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem