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Master's Degree in Noahide Theology

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Our Master’s Degree in Noahide Theology is designed for students who want to become experts on the Torah’s Noahide Code for life. It can be taken as a unique Master study program for students who want to apply the Noahide Code of Life in their own lives; for students who want to take the Master as a complement to their Major or are already graduated in theology, psychology, law, health, political sciences, business and administration, anthropology or social sciences; for students who want to become teachers of the Noahide Code, community leaders and Noahide Judges. The core objective of the MA in Noahide Theology is to address the knowledge base and skills to qualify as an expert on the Noahide Code; to become a Teacher, Perform Weddings, Marital Counselor, Business Counselor, Applied Psychology, Applied Mental Health Counselor, Law Advisor and Political Advisor. The academic focus of this program includes extensive in-depth studies in four fundamental areas of Torah Law for Noahides: Orach Chayim-Way of Life, Yoreh Deah-Qualification to Teach, Even HaEzer-Marital laws and Choshen Mishpat-Courts of Law.

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Master's Degree in Noahide Theology

Master's Degree in Noahide Theology

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