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The Torch of Truth! Rediscovering the Bible from a Jewish Perspective for Former Christians

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Course Outline Course Duration: 12 weeks Schedule: Tuesdays at 12:30 pm New York Time and 7:30 pm Israel Time Platform: Live Zoom Academy Room Instructor: Eliorah Chaya Course Description: Are you a former Christian seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible through the lens of Jewish tradition? Join us for a transformative 12-week journey where we will explore the rich, historical, and spiritual context of the Bible from a Jewish perspective. Led by Eliorah Chaya, this course aims to bridge the gap between Christian teachings and the original Jewish meanings, providing you with fresh insights and a renewed connection to the sacred texts. Week 1: Introduction and Overview Week 2: Understanding the Torah Week 3: The Prophets (Nevi'im) Week 4: The Writings (Ketuvim) Week 5: The Jewish Interpretation of the Bible Week 6: Key Themes in Jewish Theology Week 7: The Jewish Calendar and Festivals Week 9: Jewish Ethics and Morality Week 10: Prayer and Spirituality in Judaism Week 11: Jewish Views on Afterlife and Eschatology Week 12: Conclusion and Reflection What You Will Learn • The origins and structure of the Hebrew Bible • Key differences between the Jewish and Christian interpretations of the Bible • The historical and cultural context of biblical events • Understanding the Torah, Prophets, and Writings • Jewish traditions, commentaries, and their relevance today • Practical insights for integrating Jewish teachings into your life Course Highlights • Interactive live sessions with Eliorah Chaya • In-depth discussions and Q&A • Access to supplementary reading materials and resources • A supportive community of like-minded individuals Who Should Attend This course is designed for former Christians who are curious about the Jewish perspective of the Bible and anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Judaism's sacred texts. Join us on this enlightening journey to rediscover the Bible and connect with its profound teachings from a Jewish viewpoint.

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Torch of Truth - Hebrew Scriptures for Women

Torch of Truth - Hebrew Scriptures for Women

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