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Hi everyone. Are Noahides allowed to wear a kippah or is there a Noahide kippah a Noahide can wear during their everyday lives?

David Keller
há 7 dias

I think there is not much to be added to the previous comments.

I wear a kippah if I go to synagogue and perhaps attend a service there.

The Noahide Academy is doing a fundraiser to raise money for Noahide kippahs, it is the "First World-Wide Campaign printing of 500 Noahide Kippahs".

Perhaps this is a good place to raise awareness for the campaign?

If anyone is interested in participating, please go to

Megan Louk
Got here and is ready to learn. Contributed with his personal questions.Blue Raising Star

I finished Tanach 403! 🚀

Cura Warner
Levon Lupke
Jul 07

Well done Megan, onwards and upwards. I'm doing Orach Chaim 2 at present. The three Rabbis who are teaching are fantastic and I'm learning so much stuff that's really helpful in my new life as a Noahide. But it's tough going for an 84 year old guy, just getting my head around and remembering all the information is sometimes a bit overwhelming. So seeing someone like you who has finished a course gives me a lift and the hope that I too one day can say "I finished the course " ...with Blessings, HarryIpenburg

Sintayehu MH
Toke the Introduction CourseNoahide Beginner
This students completed the course on Noah's Ark Secrets with the Noahide AcademyNoah's Ark Expert

I completed The Seven Universal Commandments!

Edward A. Kissi
Dortumor Gideon Tetteh
Salome B
Salome B
Jul 01

Congrats Sintayehu. BTW, are you Ethiopian?

Rabbi Moshe Perets
Founder & Director

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Susan Dixon
Josh Lovell
David Keller
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Very useful, thank you.



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