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Welcome to the Noahide Academy 

Embark on a Journey of Discovery and Faith

Here you are a Step-by-Step 
Guideline for Beginners

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You've come to the right place to begin a transformative journey.

Have Rabbi Tovia Singer's insights sparked a realization in you about the origins of "x-tinaity" and its divergence from HaShem's teachings?

Are you seeking the true essence of the Bible and yearning to forge an authentic bond with HaShem, guided by the right principles to secure your place in the world to come?

6 Steps: Let's Embark on this Enlightening Journey Together!

1. Discover the Seven Commandments: 
Access and download the
core principles here.

2. Embrace the Noahide Declaration of Faith:

    Download your copy here to read and prepare for a live               declaration with our Rabbis, as seen here.

3. Begin Your Noahide Journey:
Receive essential guidelines for your new path here.

4. Understand the 13 Principles of Faith: 
     Download our comprehensive guide here.

5. Learn the 90 Laws Derived from the Seven
Access your free list here.

6. Enroll in Our Introductory Course: 
     Start with the basics of the Noahide Life Path here.

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