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New to the Noahide Movement? What Are the 10 First Steps?

Updated: Jan 15

To Start Your Spiritual Journey as a Noahide

By Rabbi Moshe Perets

New Beginnings Are Always Exciting

So you realized that your religious upbringing or background are obsolete?

And you would like to know what can you do in order to start an authentic spiritual relationship with your Creator through the Torah Way of Life? ( without converting to Judaism )

And you understand what to be a Noahide means ( at least basically ) to be connected to the Jewish people by acknowledging the G-d of Israel and following His Torah as it is clarified in the Oral Tradition explained by the Rabbis?

So You Are at the Right Place

Here are your First 10 Steps into the your New Torah Way of Life

1 - Check if your mother is Gentile or Jewish (as well as your maternal grand-mother and great-grand-mother). [If you find Jewish signs in your family, please get in touch with Rabbi Perets by email at for proper guidance.]

2 - If you do not find any Jewish signs in your family, it means you are a Descendant of Noah (not of Abraham like Jews).

3 - If you are a Descendant of Noah ( Ben or Bat Noah - Son or Daughter of Noah, a Noahide ) it means that your connection to the Creator is fulfilled through the Seven Universal Commandments from Torah for Humanity. Please read here about your Torah Heritage.

4 - Please make your Noahide Declaration of Faith here. [If you would like to Proclaim the Declaration in front of a Beit Din (3 Rabbis of the Academy) please get in touch with Rabbi Perets by email to to set at date and time.]

6 - Read and Study the 90 Noahide Laws List.

7 - Read and start saying the Morning Blessings for Noahides here.

8 - Follow the Daily Study of the Noahide Code and/or get yourself the Book of the Divine Code.

9 - Start a first the Beginners Course here. [You may check here the 22 Courses for Noahides available here.]

10 - Request a Personal face-to-face Session with Rabbi Moshe Perets for personal guidance and Torah study here [ send an email to or what's app message to +972.58.452.35.35.]


Rabbi Moshe Perets is the Founder and Executive Director of, the world’s largest Noahide informational website. He accomplished his Rabbinical Studies at the Chabad Yeshiva and his medical studies at the University of Louvain in Brussels, Belgium.

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Jan 09, 2023

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