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Which New Soul Levels Can I Reach?

  • Get 50 Points for every Card you Retrieve!

  • How can you reach the Soul Levels?

  • By fulfilling each one one of the 10 " holy tasks" and publicizing them on the Academy by making a post on the Garden of Eden Group.

Level 1: Abraham Card

  1. To be a member of the community;

  2. To believe in the One G-d;

  3. To inspire other people to study at the Noahide Academy;

  4. To care deeply for his family;

  5. To break new ground;

  6. To be creative and bring innovations;

  7. To be ready or to have been through a - letting all go – experience, at least once in his lifetime;

  8. To have natural curiosity;

  9. To search for answers in a sincere way (not with pre-conceived ideas);

  10. No to be condescending with the social norms.

Level 2: Isaac Card

  1. To volunteer in doing something no one else would want to do

  2. To take initiatives

  3. To stand up for the truth in a difficult situation

  4. To study at appointed times

  5. To enjoy a good meal with friends

  6. To make one’s spouse extra happy

  7. To be able to feel the miracle of life

  8. To pray with determination for something which seems beyond reach

  9. To be disciplined

  10. To have a high sense of priorities

Level 3: Jacob Card

  1. To honor one’s parents,

  2. To be truthful

  3. To be flexible

  4. To be compassionate

  5. To be faithful and persist

  6. To express a dedicated love

  7. To have balance

  8. To manage and distribute the love
    for family in a balanced way

  9. To have foresight

  10. To be altruistic

Level 4: Moses Card

  1. To be humble

  2. To have empathy

  3. To have an acute sense of others

  4. To be determined

  5. To count on his own efforts to bring in results

  6. To have perseverance

  7. To have strong faith and full trust

  8. To have abnegation

  9. To be capable of self-transform

  10. To be able to step outside his comfort zone

Level 5: Aaron Card

  1. To be a natural peace-maker

  2. To love all creatures

  3. To be patient

  4. To be a beacon of inspiration for others

  5. To be sensitive and kind

  6. To be capable of compromise truth for the sake of peace

  7. To be a facilitator of re-connecting others back to G-d’s Will

  8. To be a good mediator or public relations

  9. To be wise

  10. To be sincere