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About us

Our Organization


Since 2016 we actively raise awareness and share knowledge of the original Code of Life for humanitythe Seven Universal Biblical Values

( or The Seven Noahide Laws) - which allow full personal fulfillment, on an intellectual, spiritual and creative levels. 

“The United States of America Congress recognizes the historical tradition of these ethical values and principles... as the basis of civilization and... 

the bedrock of society..."

102nd U.S. Congress (1991-1992), House Joint Resolution H.J.RES.104.ENR designating March 26, 1991, as Education Day, U.S.A.:

The Vision


A new era for mankind beyond religions. For the unity of mankind we need the knowledge, trust and faith in the One True G-d through His original core Code of Life. 

Through this Universal Code for Life we can reach the core of our common goal, beyond culture and language and to achieve a clima of peace and security where individual freedom will be in accord with society on a national and international levels.

The Mission

To share and teach the Seven Universal Biblical Values to every person regardless of origin, background or present situation, through: 

  • daily interaction with tourists in Israel,

  • audio-visual experiences,

  • conferences,

  • online courses,

  • academic studies,

  • leadership programs,

  • professional seminars,

  • political programs,

  • NGO personnel professional training and counselling, 

  • books and other publications,

  • email newsletter

  • webinars,

  • north-south campaigns, 

  • and more.

The Seven Universal Biblical Values &
Their Application in Daily Life

The Seven Universal Biblical Values

  1. To Believe, Know and Trust the One True G-d.

  2. To Honor the One True G-d. 

  3. To Honor Life.

  4. To Honor Family.

  5. To Honor Others Property.

  6. To Honor All Living Beings.

  7. To Recognize and Live According to this Code of Life.

Their Application in Daily Life

1-To promote the concept of unity within diversity, meaning the knowledge that there is a Primary Being who precedes all beings and directs the world according to His Will.  Arouse the consciousness of people that we are working together for the best interest of every single individual and in order for their needs to be respected their needs to be a recognition of a hierarchy of knowledge.

2- To promote the value of a higher understanding of happiness and human life fulfillment as the development of social relationships and communicative capacities of the individuals instead of focusing exclusively on material development. Eliminating the contradiction between material and spiritual perspectives will allow a natural respect for higher values and  the full expression of humanity's potential for creativity.

3-To promote the value of human life and every aspect of it for every single individual promoting the consciousness of interdependence in the success of Human societies.

4- To promote the value of respect on economical transactions in small, medium and large enterprises and all human economical activities.

5- To promote the value of family life as being the fundamental and Essential Unity for a personal accomplishment and a functional society.

6- To promote the safeguarding of life in general of animals and plants and to avoid cruelty in general.

7- To promote the good governance based upon these 6 universal ethical principles with the nations of the world has it was given by G-d at Mout Sinai to the Jewish people. Being G-d the One Who Contains all possibilities He is the One Who can contain in these set of fundamental Universal Principles every single human being in the full extension of his personality.