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Seven Gates of Secret Wisdom 101

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What you'll learn

Course Overview & Outcomes In this course you will learn through 7 Gates of Knowledge about the perfection and spiritual elevation of the human being, knowledge of G-d, Prophecy, the Service of G-d, Prayer, Personal Traits, Life Tests, Repentance and the principles of punishment and reward by HaShem. How to become a fitting vessel to receive God’s assistance and the illumination of your path with a higher awareness, including: This course includes: 18 Video Lectures 21 Handouts Final Quiz Academy Badge Final Certificate What will you learn: o The “image of God” within a person. o The 4 steps in recognizing God’s existence and essential unity. o The principle of: “There is nothing else besides God”. o Divine Providence, Faith and Trust in God. o Godly Refinement of one’s Emotions and Deeds. o The centrality of Prophecy in the Foundations of Faith. o The concept of Free Choice. o The various levels of Prophecy. o Prophecy and the Torah of Moses. o The Eternity of the Torah of Moses. o The Essence of the Service of God. o Contemplation of the Seven Noahide Commandments. o Lessons from the Hebrew Bible. o The Value of Action, Intention and Happiness . o The Service of Prayer, Speech and Intention. This Course is available on iOS and Android through the Spaces App by Wiz at Noahide Academy.

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