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Soul Medicine

Psychotherapy & Counseling 

Mother with her Child

 Find Real Tranquility

Soul Root


Deep Soul Therapy

Emotional Immuno Modulation

 We can help you with:


We specialize in online consulting for people who want a deeper approach to their body-mind and soul state of health, happines and fulfilment. 

Soul Medicine
Where You will find 
Real Tranquility

Rabbi Dr. Moshe Perets


Medical studies, Scientific Research and Rabbinical Expertise in Deep Soul Therapy.

UCL Brussels and Hebrew University - Israel.

  • Sunday-Thursday: 9am-4pm  

  • Friday: 9-12pm

  • Saturday: Closed

Please check directly with us by:

Directly What's App or Phone Call at: +972.58.452.35.35

Or by Direct email to

For the best week day and time for you.

Thank you, Rabbi Dr. Moshe Perets

(c) 5783 [2022] Soul Medicine Online Clinic

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