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World Wide Noahide Solidarity Campaign for Israel 

Donate to Win the War


Design & Print Kippas for Bnei Noah: I am a Noahide # השם אלוקינו , השם אחד + Start of David

Design & Print T-Shirts: I am a Noahide # I Stand with Israel # I keep the 7 Commandments

# The 7 Commandments

  1. To Believe in the One True G-d, The G-d of Israel

  2. To Honor G-d

  3. To Respect Human Life

  4. To Respect Family Unity

  5. To Respect Others Property

  6. To Respect All Living Creatures

  7. To Live According to the Torah's Divine Revelation
    and Social Laws.



For this to happen we need each person to participate: In making a $10 Donation, then we can send the printing formats to you so you can print it locally on T-shirts.


Then each person can take a picture of himself and share it on Social Media coordinated by the Academy.

  1. You can say these Tehilim in Prayer:  20, 22, 69, 122,150, 81 to 90

  2. You can watch, share and subscribe to our YouTube video Channel to promote proper understanding of what is going on.

  3. You can enter our World Peace Torah's Guidelines and learn and share with others.

  4. You can Join our Discussion Groups.

  5. You can read, share and write on our News Blog.

  6. You can Become a Noahide Ambassador in your Country (Speak to Rabbi Perets).

  7. You can join the Generation of the Future and start your Master's Degree in Noahide Theology

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