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The Garden of Eden
World Wide Game



To Get 1825 Good Deeds in 1 Year.  Achieve 18.000 points by Chanuka 5784 

In order to get a Ticket to the "Garden of Eden".



The Game starts on the First Night of Chanukah 5783 
Sunday Night 18.12.22


Rabbi Yaakov Once Said

This world is like an entry way before the World to Come; prepare yourself in the entry way so that you may enter the banquet hall.”

How do You Earn Points?


  • By doing a Good Deed.

  • Every specific Good Deed has a value of 10 Points.

  • Please check here the list of Good Deeds.

Earn Bonuses By Getting the Patriarchs Cards

Get a 100 Bonus by Retrieving Each Patriarchs Card.


How do You Show You Made a Good Deed?


You make a post with a picture or video with text explaining what you did in the Garden of Eden Game Group.

You can also do 1 post at the end of the day with 1 picture and explaining the 5 good Deeds i.e.: prayer, blessings, charity, Torah study, helping another person etc

You may also check it on your personal account.

How to Enter the Raffle?


  • Get 18.000 points.

  • Make a $18 Donation (or more) to Be Selected for one of the First positions.

  • The results will be published on the 18.12.2023.

  • In order to get 18.000 points you need an average of 5 Good Deeds/Day.

  • 50 points/day or 1.500 points/month

  • Duration: 1 year.

  • Starts on Sunday 18.12.22

  • Ends on Sunday 18.12.23


Raffle to Earn Your Price



5th Position: 1 Seven Gates Book + 5 Online Courses + Surprise

4th Position: 1 Universal Ethics Books + 1 Seven Gates Books + 10 Online Courses + Surprise

3th Position: 1 Divine Code Book + 1 SG + 1 Meditation for the Nations + 15 Online Courses + Surprise

2nd Position: 1 Full Membership for 1 year to the 22 Online Courses + Surprise + Access to the Orach Chaim Program (Worth: Total $570)


1st Position: $1000

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