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Welcome to
"Garden of Eden"
World Wide Game


 Get  a Ticket to the "Garden of Eden".

Do good deeds and receive a favorable judgment from HaSHem today and  on Rosh HaShana 5785.

Get 850 Torah Points in 7 months.

Get a $1000 1st prize* 


When do we start?

This Friday the 1st of March 2024.

Rabbi Yaakov Once Said

This world is like an entry way before the World to Come; prepare yourself in the entry way so that you may enter the banquet hall.”

How do You Earn Torah Points?


  • By taking a Course  (15-50 Points);

  • By doing a Good Deed (10 Points);

  • By bringing a Friend to the Academy (50 Points);


Earn more Points by Getting the Patriarchs Cards

Get a 50 Points Bonus by Retrieving
Each Patriarchs Card.


How do You Show You Made a Good Deed?


You make a post with a picture or video with text explaining what you did in the Garden of Eden Game Group, i.e.: prayer, blessings, charity, Torah study, helping another person etc

Enter Contest

Here's your
chance to win!

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know if you win.

How to Enter the Raffle?

  • Register here;

  • Make a $18 Donation (or more) to be selected for one of the 5 first positions;

  • Get 850 points (during the coming 7 months);

  • The results will be published on the 30.09.2024;

  • In order to get 850 points you need an average of 1 good deed/day/post;

  • Take 2 courses /month;

  • Bring at leas 2 friends to join the Academy;

  • Duration: 7 months;

  • Ends on Monday 30.09.24

Raffle to Earn Your Price



5th Position: Divine Code Book 


4th Position: Divine Code Book + Seven Gates Books 


3th Position: Divine Code Book  + Seven Gates Books + $100


2nd Position: Divine Code Book  Seven Gates Books + $250


1st Position: $1000*

*The prize money depends on the number of participants to this contest. There needs to be a minimum of 100 Participants

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