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Halacha 103 - Family Life, Laws and Vision

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Course Overview During this course, you will learn all about the Torah's vision and laws for Noahide Maried life., 12 Lectures on the Torah's Laws and Vision for Married Life for Noahides. They include, among others, the Mitzvah of Marriage, forbidden partners and acts, How a Man acquires a Wife, Mutual Obligations between Husband and Wife, and a discussion of the Laws of Divorce, the way to dissolve a Marriage if that becomes necessary. The first woman, Chava, is described in Parashat Bereshit as “Eizer K’negdo,” a “Helper appropriate for Him.” The word for “Helper” is “Eizer.” Combining the two gives “Even HaEzer,” “The Precious Stone of Helping,” describing the beneficial role a wife plays for her husband, and indicating clearly that marriage is the most desirable state for a human being.

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