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Welcome to the Building of the
Third Temple

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First Steps for Noahides
In how to participate in it Keynote recording


Get to Know Exactly what the HaShem Wants from You through the Study of the Noahide Code . 

Start learning today with the world wide experts of the Noahide Code.

Our Courses Curriculum

  1. Seven Gates

  2. Halacha 101

  3. Halacha 102

  4. Chassidut 201

  5. Chassidut 202

  6. Rambam 301

  7. Tanach 401

  8. Tanach 402

  9. Tanach 403

  10. Family Unity 101

  11. Hebrew 101

  12. Noah’s Ark Secrets 101

  13. Noahide Ambassadors 101

  14. Divine Aesthetics

  15. Politics and the Noahide Laws

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Our Learning Paths

  1. Fundamental Course for Noahides

  2. Beginners Course

  3. Orach Chaim I – Path of Life for Noahides I

  4. Yoreh Deah I – Expertise Level

  5. Even HaEzer – Marriage and Family Life

  6. Universal Noahide Ethics 701

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First Steps Anchor 1

Step 1:Fundamental Course for Noahides

Overview & Outcomes

In this course you will learn about your heritage in the Torah including:

  • The source of the Seven Universal Commandments;

  • Monotheism according to Torah;

  • Prophecy according to Torah;

  • The universal significance of Mount Sinai;

  • The Torah of Moses;

  • Fundamentals of the faith according to Torah.

  • The prohibition against “making up new religions”;

  • The falsification of God’s Words;

  • Practical examples about Jewish commandments witch may be observed by everybody;

  • Religious concepts for deepening a personal relationship with God;

  • The concept of the Jewish Sabbath.

  • About your way to connect to God through the Jewish Torah including:.

  • Torah study parameters for Noahides.

  • Prayer according to the Jewish Sages.

  • How to Pray.

  • Specific intentions in Prayer.

  • About how to say blessings on food and drinks like Jews do according to Torah, including:

  • Blessings before and after eating and drinking.

  • Special blessings over bread and wine.

  • The 3300 years old Grace after Meals.

  • Whats kind of traits of character God expects from a person.

  • How is the return to one’s original identity.

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Step 6:Results to Expect

1- To get 8,000,000,000 people to sign up for our online for:
"I Believe Only in the G-d of Israel".

2- To get 100,000 Divine Code Books distributed and 1,000,000
Prayer Booklets distributed.

3- To decrease premature mortality and increase longevity in 10 countries from Africa and South America. To ban abortion and euthanasia.

4- To promote family understanding and happiness and decrease 50% the number of divorces in the EU and US. To ban gay marriage.

5- To implement resolution with the World Bank and the FMI to cancel the debts with third world countries.

6- To implement resolutions to ensure in Europe and the US that animal slaughter is done in the most human way possible.

7- To reinforce justice by establishing a Noahide Courts in each of the 204 Countries.

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