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Want to join the Jewish People? Not sure what a Noahide is? Start here. See real Testimonials,
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Rabbi and join our Noahide Fellowship!

Noahide Academy


Guidelines on Judaism for everyone

We are an online school where everyone can study Torah. 

This time, for real, get your share in the world to come!

Rabbi Moshe Weiner

Rabbi Moshe Weiner

Head of the Academy

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Rabbi Moshe Perets

President of the Academy

Clear that Torah is your way forward? Check here

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Rabbi Tovia Singer

Outreach Judaism

Not sure about what is a Noahide? Check here

Rabbi Michael Skobac

Rabbi Michael Skobak

Jews for Judaism

How to Navigate our Website?

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Attention: you may sometimes experiment a short delay in the charging of our website's pages as we have a lot of courses and students taking our courses so we ask you to be patient and contact us if you have any trouble or questions.
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Explore Our Courses for Noahides

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First Steps Course

Noah's Ark Course App

Noah's Ark Secrets

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Foundations of Faith

By taking our courses you will get points which you may use for our Garden of Eden game and enter our annual raffle. 


Anne Laseur,

These courses are absolutely fascinating! I just love learning more and more. A real Divine Revelation! I really recommend to anyone who is looking to find real answers!


Felisa Todorov,

I found these courses to be really enjoyable! A truly spiritual uplifting  journey. Personally, I was delighted by the feeling of my mind and soul’s expansion within the Infinite Light of God!


Dario McDonald,

Through Rabbi Weiner’s lectures I actually understood what God expects from me. It became so crystal clear! A real gem of beauty. I truly appreciate the personal interaction and guidance!

See What Our Students Say

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Noahide?

A Noahide, also known as a Bnei Noah (Sons of Noah), refers to a person who follows the Noahide Laws or the Noahide Code. These laws are a set of ethical and moral principles derived from the Bible, particularly from the covenant made with Noah after the Great Flood. Noahides are individuals who adhere to these universal principles, which are considered to be binding on all of humanity, regardless of their religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds.

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