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Even HaEzer: Marriage and Family Unity Course for Master Degree Program

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Master's Degree Weekly
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Course Overview and Outcomes During this course, “Even HaEzer” – “The Precious Stone of Helping” you will learn about Marital Laws, History of the Noahide Code and Tanach Knowledge. This Course is composed of 3 different Topics thought by 3 different Rabbis. You will get: 12 Lectures on the Torah's Vision for Married Life for Noahides 12 Lectures on the History of the Noahide Movement through the ages. 12 Lectures on Tanach. A final exam, in each topic and a Final Certificate. “Even HaEzer” for Noahides contains 105 Laws dealt within 7 chapters. They include, among others, the Mitzvah of Marriage, forbidden partners and acts, How a Man acquires a Wife, Mutual Obligations between Husband and Wife, and a discussion of the Laws of Divorce, the way to dissolve a Marriage if that becomes necessary. The first woman, Chava, is described in Parashat Bereshit as “Eizer K’negdo,” a “Helper appropriate for Him.” The word for “Helper” is “Eizer.” Combining the two gives “Even HaEzer,” “The Precious Stone of Helping,” describing the beneficial role a wife plays for her husband, and indicating clearly that marriage is the most desirable state for a human being.

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