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Noahide Politics 601

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Course Overview This course on Universal ethics and politics explores the dimensions of universal ethics: it's engagement of the ideology which opposes it, its involvement in legislative struggles, the compatibility of universal ethics with human freedom, creativity and diversity, and how a political culture of universal ethics may be forged. Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, son of a former Australian Governor General, Sir Zelman Cowen, is a Teacher at the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem and Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization. This course, base on his book, Politics and Universal Ethics, arises out of his research into the universal ethics at the root of the world religions and his involvement with leaders of other faiths in the political struggles over these profound contemporary moral questions. What you will learn Video Lecture 1: The Challenge to Universal Ethics - The Adversary Culture 30 min Video Lecture 2: The Legislative Struggle 30 min Video Lecture 3: “Right” and “Left” in Universal Ethics 30 min Video Lecture 4: Eternal Law and Human Legislation 30 min Video Lecture 5: Creating a Political Culture of Universal Ethics 30 min

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