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Rabbi Moshe Bernestein
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Regarding the question of free will that was asked. Unlike G‑d, we are limited by the nature of the world G‑d has created. Our mind can't understand the Infinite abilities of the creator.

Neither can we interrupt G‑d’s plan for His creation, or even our personal destiny. As Joseph said to his brothers, “You intended me harm. God intended it for good, so as to bring about the present result the survival of many people.”

What we can choose is whether to obey the will of our Creator or ignore it. By doing so, we can choose our role whether good things happen because of us, or despite us.

In other words, we can make moral choices within G‑d’s story. G‑d’s plans, after all, can unfold in innumerable ways and agents.

G‑d rewards those who listen to His will and help perfect His world. The choice to do one or the other is clearly in our hands. “Behold,” G‑d says, “I have placed before you good and evil, life and death. Choose life! (Deuteronomy 30:17-18).

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