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Torah Foundation Laws for Noahide's Daily Life [Halacha 101]

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About this Course: o Are you looking to deepen your understanding of the Bible-Torah? o Have you ever been curious about the traditional Jewish prayer practices? o Or perhaps you're seeking to reconnect with the Jewish People and explore the 7 Noahide Laws to enrich your life with their wisdom? o If these questions spark an interest, I am pleased to introduce you to the Torah Laws 101 course. o This course is designed to guide you on your journey back to your Creator, the G-d of Israel, and the Jewish People, helping you to fulfill your true divine innate potential. o Torah Laws 101 is a 12-hour self-paced learning experience, meticulously crafted by world expert Rabbis from the Noahide Academy of Israel. o It offers an authentic exploration of the Creator's will for you, as understood through the teachings of the Torah. So this is the right Course for you. What will you learn during this course? Lecture 1 - The Purpose of Creation and the 7 Universal Commandments. Lecture 2 - The Origins of the Noahide Code and the Basis for its Fulfilment. Lecture 3 - Awareness of G-d and the Torah of Moses; Lecture 4 - Deniers and Deviators from the Foundations of Faith. Lecture 5 - Proselytizers and False Prophets. Lecture 6 - The Prohibition Against Making a New Religion or Adding a Commandment. Lecture 7 - Liability to Divine and Earthly Punishments. Lecture 8 - Torah Study for Noahides. Lecture 9 - Serving G-d through Prayer. Lecture 10 - Serving G-d through Blessings and Grace after Meals. Lecture 11 - Torah Moral Conduct. Lecture 12 – Teshuva Who is this course for? For all who want to start studying the Torah Guideline of Laws for his life to renew his relationship with HaShem.

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