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Bible for Noahides: The Book of Genesis [Tanach 401]

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Overview: Embark on a transformative journey through the foundational narratives of the Book of Genesis with Rabbi Baruch Simcha in this insightful course tailored for Bnei Noah. This course follows the weekly Torah portions or Parshiot, offering a comprehensive exploration of the 12 Torah portions in the Book of Genesis. Key Features: Weekly Torah Portion Focus: Delve into the wisdom of the Torah through a Noahide lens, examining each weekly Parshah with a focus on its relevance to Bnei Noah. Expert Guidance: Rabbi Baruch Simcha, a seasoned and knowledgeable instructor, provides in-depth insights and explanations to enhance your understanding of the biblical texts. Interactive Learning: Engage with the material through 12 thoughtfully crafted video lessons, each dedicated to a specific Torah portion. Explore the historical context, ethical teachings, and universal principles embedded in these ancient narratives. Assessment and Certification: Test your knowledge with a final quiz designed to reinforce your understanding of the material. Upon successful completion, receive a certificate of achievement recognizing your dedication to Torah study. Badge of Recognition: Showcase your commitment to learning with a digital badge, symbolizing your accomplishment and participation in this specialized course. Course Outline: Introduction to Genesis and Noahide Perspective Creation and the Meaning of Humanity Adam and Eve: Lessons in Personal Responsibility Noah and the Covenant: Universal Ethics Tower of Babel: Lessons in Unity and Humility Abraham's Journey: Faith and Covenant Sarah and Hagar: Trials and Relationships Binding of Isaac: Sacrifice and Devotion Jacob and Esau: Sibling Rivalry and Reconciliation Joseph's Story: Resilience and Divine Providence Jacob's Blessings: Legacy and Prophecy Recap and Conclusion Who Should Enroll: This course is specifically designed for Bnei Noah seeking a deeper understanding of the Torah. Whether you are a beginner or not.

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