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How Can I know What is My Soul  Color?

Everyone has seven soul-powers.

Every soul-power may be more predominant in a specific person, wich will define his personality and the resonant souls with who he or she is compatible with.

In order to know what is your predominant soul power or color please take the following steps:

1- You need to take the Soul-Language Online Course in order to understand your soul powers, how to re-connect them to their source.

2- You need to answer the following questions so they may submitted to the Rabbi, analysed and be interpreted for you.

3- You need to have a personal meeting with the Rabbi for discussion.

Young Businessman

You need to find a balance between the 7 powers of your soul.

But there will always be a more predominant powers in your soul which allows you to fulfill with a specific way your specific mission in the world and also to find your resonating souls.

Questions to know what is the color of your Soul:

Questions to know what is the color of your Soul:

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