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Community in Uganda

Did you go to school when you were younger?

Did you have books?

Would you like them also to have a book?

What they Currently Have

  • Is located in Jinja District 70 km from Kampala ( capital of Uganda )

  • It has a population of 413 pupils among which 255 are girls and 158 boys 

  • There are 11 classes and a nursery : 1. Baby Class 2. Middle Class 3. Top Class

  • Primary Section  That is from primary one to primary section ( Classes 1-7)

  • STAFF: Teaching Staff, Twenty teachers for all the eleven classes.

  • Non teaching staff, Director , Administrator ,Bursar, Secretary ,Cooks ,cleaners ,
    trainer of skills development

  • They have 2 Divine Codes and 20 Prayer Books

What the Noahide Academy Provides
  • We provide Books on the Noahide Code, Universal Ethics, Philosophy
    and Prayer Booklets for individuals and communal prayers.

  • We provide the online courses.

  • Leadership Programs.

  • Educational Programs for women and children.

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What They Need Today
  • 5 Divine Code books in the value of $125

  • 100 Prayer Booklets in the value of $650

  • 10 Online Courses for 1 year in the value of $100

  • 1 year Food for the School in the value of $3600

  • 1 year electricity for the Community Center in the value of $270

  • 1 year internet for the Community Center in the value of $240

  • Salaries for the Teachers for 1 year : $4600

Donations Already Made
  •  Anonymous Donor: $130 for 20 Prayer Booklets.

  •  Anonymous Donor: $60 for 2 Divine Code Books. 

Donate and become a partner with us in spreading the light

  • $29 to give 1 Course to 1 person

  • $30 to send 1 Book of the Divine Code.

  • $50 to send Coffee and Cake for 1 month.

  • $65 to send them 10 Prayer Booklets.

  • $250 to send them 10 Books of the divine Code.

  • Or any other amount of your choice in order to help them with their needs!

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Your donation gives us the flexibility to provide the children in Uganda with educational programs of the highest standards directly from Israel.

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