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Welcome to
Abraham's Gate 


This is the Gate for Blue Souls

  Loving-Kindness, Innovation &  Family  

Sand Dunes

Where is Abraham? 

 How can you make his presence be felt around you? 

Old City Architecture

The prophet Isaiah refers to him as “Abraham,
the one who love’s me” (Isaiah 41:8).

Indeed, Abraham lived a life of love.
He loved G‑d, loved people, and therefore
endeavored to teach everyone about G‑d.

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Who is Abraham? 

 How is your soul connected to him?  

Sea View

​Main Soul Connections

  • Divine Name: K-El ( Almighty G-d)

  • Divine Attribute: Loving-kindness.

  • Part of body: Right arm

  • Day of the Week: Sunday

  • Corresponding Planet: Jupiter.

  • Guardian Angel: Tzadkiel ("Righteousness of G-d").

Reveal Abraham? 

Learn the Way of Abraham? 

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