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Enter One
of the 7 Holy Gates
of the
7 Shepherds of Israel 

To which Holy Shepherd of Israel are you connected to?

Discover it and fulfil it Now!

Who are the 7 holy Shepherds of Israel?


  1. Abraham

  2. Isaac

  3. Jacob

  4. Moses

  5. Aaron

  6. Joseph

  7. David


  • In Judaism they are called the 7 shepherds of Israel as they were chosen by God due to their leadership qualities.

  • The 7 holy shepherds of Israel are the 7 archetypal souls for all humanity.

  • To which of them do you feel connected to the most?

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What soul-color are the 7 holy Shepherds of Israel ?


  1. Abraham: Blue 

  2. Isaac: Red 

  3. Jacob: Yellow 

  4. Moses: Purple 

  5. Aaron: Orange 

  6. Joseph: Green 

  7. David: Indigo 

  • Each person has a soul given by God. 
    His soul is an offshoot of one of the 7 archetypal souls of one of the 7 holy shepherds.


  • Each soul has a specific color, which corresponds to the
    7 colors of the rainbow – symbol of the covenant God established with Noah and all generations to come.


  • What do you think your soul color is?

To which of the 7 Commandments are the
7 Shepherds connected to ?


  1. Abraham: To Establish a Family

  2. Issac: To Honor the Holiness of Life

  3. Jacob: To Honors Others Property

  4. Moses: Faith in the God of Israel

  5. Aaron: To Honor the God of Israel

  6. Jossef: To Be Kind to Leaving Creatures

  7. David: To Pursue and Establish Justice


  • To which commandment do you feel the most connected to?

  • You will discover the 7 components of your soul in detail and the characteristics which set your personality and your unique way of serving God and to bring redemption to your life, that of your family, friends and the entire world!

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Enter one of the Seven Gates and start discovering which soul type are you

From that point onwards you will know exactly what your major attributes are and how to maximize your life and reveal divinity in this world!

Are you ready?

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