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Wed, Oct 02


Noahide Academy Zoom Room

Rosh HaShana 5785 for the World Noahide Community

Rosh HaShana for Humanity

Rosh HaShana 5785 for the World Noahide Community
Rosh HaShana 5785 for the World Noahide Community

Time & Location

Oct 02, 2024, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM GMT+3

Noahide Academy Zoom Room


About the event

Rosh HaShana 5785 for the World Noahide Community

Date: October 2nd  

Time: 2pm Israel Time(1.5 hours) Platform: Zoom

Opening Session (10 minutes)

Welcome and Introduction

  • Speaker:  Rabbi Moshe Perets
  • Content: Welcoming the participants, brief overview of the program, and the significance of Rosh HaShana for Noahides. Goals of the celebration and  active participation.

Opening Prayer and Blessing

  • Speaker:  Rabbi Perets
  • Content:  A short prayer and blessing to set a positive and spiritual tone for the celebration.

Session 1: Teachings and Reflections (30 minutes)

The Universal Message of Rosh HaShana

  • Speaker: Rabbi Simcha
  • Content: A 15-minute talk on the significance of Rosh HaShana for humanity, focusing on its universal message and its relevance to Noahides.

Reflections from the Global Community

  • Speakers:  Selected Noahide Community Members from different regions
  • Content: Brief (3-5 minutes each) reflections and personal stories about the importance of Rosh HaShana, how they celebrate, and its impact on their      lives.

Session 2: Interactive Activities (30 minutes)

Group Discussion: The Seven Laws and Rosh HaShana

  • Facilitator:  Rabbi Perets
  • Content: Breakout rooms or group discussions where participants share their thoughts on how the Seven Noahide Laws relate to the themes of Rosh      HaShana, such as renewal, repentance, and judgment. (15 minutes)

Quiz and Fun Facts

  • Host: Rabbi Studnitz
  • Content:  An engaging quiz about Rosh HaShana and Noahide laws, including fun facts and trivia. Use polling features for interactivity. (15 minutes)

Session 3: Music and Celebration (20 minutes)

Musical Interlude

  • Performance
  • Content: Traditional Rosh HaShana songs and music to uplift the spirit. (10  minutes)

Community Celebration

  • Host:     [Rabbi Moshe Perets
  • Content:   Open floor for participants to share their Rosh HaShana wishes, blow the shofar and share festive greetings. Participants show their festive setups  or share pictures in the chat. (10 minutes)

Closing Session (10 minutes)

Closing Remarks and Thank You

  • Speaker:     Rabbi Perets
  • Content:     Key takeaways from the celebration, thank all speakers and participants, and share any upcoming events or important announcements.

Closing Prayer

  • Speaker: Rabbi Perets
  • Content: A closing prayer to bless the participants and their families for a sweet and prosperous new year 5785!

Post-Event Networking (Optional, 20 minutes)

  • Content:  The Zoom session  remains open for participants who wish to stay and network, chat, or ask questions informally.
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