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Welcome to the Gambia
Official Noahide Academic
and Community Page

Gambia Official Noahide Academic and Community Page

Official Attachee, Local Moreh Oraah 
Ambassador and Teacher
from the Noahide Academy of Israel

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Yeshurun Joseph Nyongesa

This is a the official page for the Gambia Noahide Academic and larger community

Here you will be able to get:

  1. Information about Judaism and Noahidism;

  2. Meet with the local Leader, Yeshurun Nyongesa;

  3. How to connect to the Jews and Israel;

  4. The truth about Torah and G-d (HaShem);

  5. Study of the authentic Torah Guidelines for Humanity;

  6. Understand the difference between Jews and Noahides;

  7. Study and Understand Biblical Hebrew;

  8. Get Academic Courses;

  9. Get a Masters Degree on Noahide Theology;

  10. Meet with Rabbis by video-conferencing;

  11. Participate in Community Gatherings;

  12. Participate in Community Prayers according to the Jewish Tradition;

  13. Get a Noahide Kippah;

  14. 12 Get a Mashiach Flag;

  15. Get opportunities to develop contacts and academic or professional relationships with Israel;

  16. To go on a trip for an organized conference in Israel for a week

  17.  To go to Israel for a 3 months immersive study program on Noahide Theology

  18. Have a Noahide Wedding;

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