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A walk and a talk from 't Roegwold, de Woldstreek

When I was wondering about all world affairs, and not quit understanding why there is so much uncontrolledly anger and envy.

One morning at the end of the beautiful year '22, Hebrew year 5782. I got up early just to get out, with myself and thoughts. As I got into my car, I received another whatsapp from a friend complimenting me for going for a walk in nature so early.

I realised very quickly that the Seven Noahide Commandments of the Torah have a lot to do with the imbalance the world finds itself in. In my opinion, there are 3 main sides, one worships idols and the other worships no Diety at all. There is another side and that is the somewhat smaller one; those who see God as true and do not worship several idols.

This last one has a hard time, but it also has a force behind this small side and that is God, the Eternal One, with all He revealed on Mount Sinai to Moses our teacher, who taught it to us again, and I am still learning ... I see my whole life doing that.

The good deed? Sharing Torah and His Creation with other words, going out more while sharing this for everyone!


Credits: pictures are taken by Mirjam Schmalen in 't Roegwold

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