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Garden of Eden World Wide Game

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Patrick Cotroneo
Got here and is ready to learn. Contributed with his personal questions.Blue Raising Star

Level 1: Abraham Card

  1. To be a member of the community; ✔️

  2. To believe in the One G-d; ✔️

  3. To inspire other people to study at the Noahide Academy;

  4. To care deeply for his family; ✔️

  5. To break new ground; ✔️

  6. To be creative and bring innovations; ✔️

  7. To be ready or to have been through a - letting all go – experience, at least once in his lifetime; ✔️

  8. To have natural curiosity; ✔️

  9. To search for answers in a sincere way (not with pre-conceived ideas); ✔️

  10. No to be condescending with the social norms. ✔️

Efraim van der Vennen
David Urbina


Shalom to all! This group is purely to publish Good Deeds! P...



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