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Our Fourth Term, “Choshen Mishpat I Breastplate of Judgment allows you to achieve expertise and qualification in Laws, Courts and how to become a Dayan, a Noahide Judge Grade One. It will also allow you to deepen your understanding and knowledge in Chassidut and Tanach for Bnei Noah.

This 4th Cycle of the Noahide Academy Study Program of 5784 will start Bezrat HaShem on: Sunday the 21st of January 2024 - 1 of Shvat 5784.

Mark Rogers


My question: is this a course for beginners? Or should the student be an intermediate student or a learned student in the Noahide Laws?

I saw a course called: The life path for Noahide. I seen it’s a course for beginners and intermediate students.

Thank you 🙏



Where people who are new to Torah life Style can get connect...


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