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Noahides in Yisrael

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Eliyahu Greenwald
Got here and is ready to learn. Contributed with his personal questions.Blue Raising Star
Chassid Umot HaOlam

Noahide Sacrifices..

I am planning to have a sacrifice soon,,,

So I have asked several Rabbis on instructions...

Will keep you all posted...

Here is a quote of what I asked the Rabbis...

Shalom Rabbi, As a Noahide, I am planning on having a sacrifice here in Israel soon. I am seeking advice and instructions on the subject, currently I am in the process of constructing an altar, and acquiring a kosher or semi kosher sheep or goat, or perhaps just a meal offering? or a dove? haven't decided yet. So if you, have any practical instructions I would appreciate it and if not do you know people who can instruct me on the process... thx Rabbi, Hope to meet you some day.

Shalom from the hills of Yisrael.

Josh Lovell
Josh Lovell
Josh Lovell
Jun 04

Wow that's extremely interesting. Definitely following that.



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