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Sarah Bakker
Sarah Bakker

Help us with giving Miriam a new beginning! ‐--------------------------------------- My name is Sarah and I am raising money for a special woman, Miriam. After a traumatic childhood and many bad and sad events, she has found her support and refuge in Judaism. She came to the conclusion that she really wanted to become Jewish and gave up everything to go to Israel for her biggest dream; doing giur. It was a dream that seemed to come true, she could finally do the giur process of becoming Jewish but had to give up everything to go to Israel. She was given wrong information by a wrong person and after a few months she returned to the Netherlands, emotionally and financially exhausted. She has been helped here in the Netherlands by several wonderful people and she has been able to find a house again, only she has no financial means to properly furnish the house with all the basic things a person needs to be able to live and she is currently unable to pay bills and buying food. With the current prices skyrocketing, it is not easy and she risks getting into debt. I hope we can help her with everyone by donating a small contribution, so that she can build something here again! Help her to a new and stable beginning! Thank you very much for your support.

Angelique Sijbolts
Eliyahu Greenwald


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