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Greetings Everyone! ❤️☝🏼💫🤲🇮🇱 I want to thank anyone who has helped me and Steven feed the homeless in Ibadan,Nigeria and Knoxville,Tn. Steven fed the homeless twice on Saturday, May 27,2023. The first time they fixed cake beans. Cake beans are made with ground white beans,crayfish,onions,hot pepper blended with just a little water and deep fried. And Saturday evening He went out and fed more homeless rice and chicken all together he fed 142 children,women, and men. I fed the homeless under the bridge on Monday, May 29,2023. I fed 24 men and women and had 72 sodas i gave out. We pray over the food before we give out the food and I pray for everyone who reads this. If You want to help my Cashapp is $Scarlettrebekah or my paypal is @Scarlett734. i am attaching pictures and videos from Africa to Tennessee. Let's get motivated by excitement and love to help these people who have no where to go and begging for food. My heart is overflowing with Joy. Help Us Usher in the Moschiach and pray for redemption soon. May one more merit bring divinity among Us. B'H Blessings Shalom!

P.S for some reason I can’t put the rest of the videos and pictures on here so I am gonna make another post with the videos and pictures. Scarlett


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