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Vancouver/BC בני נח

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Welcome to the group for בני נח in Vancouver & throughout British Columbia! Non-Jews and Jews from all over the world are welcome - the mission is to grow our local community.

Angelique Sijbolts
Rabbi Moshe Perets
Kelly  Konrad
Rabbi Moshe Perets
Rabbi Moshe Perets
Jul 21, 2022

Shalom Yair!

So happy to see you here!

Thanks from creating this Group for the Bnei Noah of Vancouver.

I am looking forward to see and participate here in discussion regarding your book and how to show to sincere human beings who were deceived by "chur-ch'ianity" how to come back to an authentic connection with The Creator and His Torah through the Noahide Code of 7 Commandments and all of its details.

We have already published here answers to questions like:

Does a Noahide have a Soul?

Does a Noahide get a portion in the world to come?

If a former "kr'stian" wants to start his path in serving HaShem as a Pious Noahides how should he do...

and more.

Looking forward for further discussion

Yair, do you remember this picture 5 years ago?



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