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Mount Zion, What's the Future Holding?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Over time (and thanks to Zion Tours also!), I have come to be intimately familiar with the archaeological sites on Mount Zion, Jerusalem. It has become much more than just a general hobby but a keen interest in investigative archaeology, in particular. The silent existence of ancient tunnels and burial caves beneath the Mount have of late been confirmed to those few archaeologists that are privy to that information. Now, the details are becoming more public as allegations that the Greek Orthodox Church has dug new tunnels connecting these holy tombs are coming to the surface. In fact, on a recent visit to the site, I noticed that earth and debris had been deliberately piled up on top of one of the metal covers that serves as an entrance to one of those ancient tunnels, as an attempt to obscure it from the public. Everyone who is following current events realizes how close we are to the final redemption, not just of the Jewish People, but the Gentiles as well ( ). The holy burial site of King David and the other righteous Judean Kings, the High Priest, etc. at Mount Zion is sure to be an even more important spot in the future!

Indeed, there are several tunnels/caverns below Mount Zion that are quite ancient, having enormous religious and archaeological significance, but no one is currently allowed near them. The Israeli Antiquity Authority all but denies their existence. However, it's no secret that the Vatican is also extensively involved with the site and the Churches have in fact built their OWN underground channels to connect to these royal burial grounds. Keeping the whole process under wraps has thus far prevented a dispute between the Vatican and the Israeli government, but that is about to change. Along with the final status of the Temple Mount, it may even prove to be an election issue moving forward! Now that more people know about it, the status quo of Mount Zion is quickly changing. The rabbis that have official ties to the site are trying to prevent a situation in which the Vatican has (illegal) access to these Jewish holy sites that even the Jews don't have access to.

Looking forward to the grand opening of the warren of royal caves, including the chamber of the mighty King David, replete with his golden crown, scepter, sword and harp, as we say (atleast) once every single month: "David Melech Yisrael Chai V'kayam" - Amen!

Brought by Harry H Moskoff

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