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Who is a True Prophet?

Some prophets prophesied for Gentiles. Isaiah prophesies to the Gentiles (13, 19, and 49), and Jeremiah prophesied to other nations (Jeremiah, 1:5). A Jew as well as a Noahide should listen to a true prophet. How, though, can one distinguish between true and false prophets? A prophecy is given to individuals and nations to overturn negative results with acts of repentance.

A prophet is tested by the foretelling of future events. If the prophecies do not come true, the prophet is not an authentic messenger of G-d. However, negative prophecies are subject to change since a person's actions can affect and overturn negative predictions. Therefore, only positive prophecies can be used to test a prophet. Once a prophet was verified, he should not be tested by us anymore.

A true prophet is verified by the fulfillment of his positive prophecy only, but not the negative prophecies which might be changed due to repentance. We can see from that how strong repentance is, which can cancel a negative prophecy.

The greatest prophet who ever lived is Moses who was commanded on mount Sinai on the 7 Noahide laws.

When the world is shaken by geopolitical instability one of the cures for that is to spread the 7 Noahide commandments among more people. These actions could accelerate the fulfillment of the most important prophecy, complete redemption for both Jewish people and Noahides.

Brought By Rabbi Moshe Bernestein


Rabbi Moshe Bernestein is a writer and a Community Rabbi in Netanya, Israel. He believes in making connections between the Jewish People and the Noahides worldwide in order to share and enhance the knowledge of the Torah's Universal Code for Humanity and fulfil Isaiah's Prophecy 11:9 " And the world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the oceans".

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