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Who is Getting a Portion in the World to Come?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Any Gentile who accepts these Seven Noahide Commandments,

and is careful to observe them, is truly a pious individual of the nations of the world, and merits an eternal portion in the future World to Come.

And with this merit, the person will be included in the Resurrection of the Dead.

This applies only if he accepts them and does them because the Holy One, blessed be He, commanded them in the Torah, and made it known through Moses our teacher, that the Children of Noah were previously commanded to fulfill them.

However, if one fulfills the commandments of the Noahide Code

only out of intellectual conviction (because his logic dictates them), he

is forbidden by Torah Law to settle in the land of Israel, and he is

not counted among the pious individuals of the nations of the world.


Any Gentile who accepts the seven commandments and is careful to

observe them is of the “pious of the nations of the world” and will

have a portion in the World to Come.

This is so provided that one accepts them and observes them because the Holy One, blessed be He,commanded them in the Torah and informed us through Moses ourteacher that the descendants of Noah were originally commanded

about them.

But if one observes them only by virtue of common sense,he is not a Ger Toshav (Gentile “Resident,” the Written Torah’s term

for one who takes on the Noahide Code), or one of the “pious of the

nations of the world,” but rather, one of their wise people.

Brought by Rabbi Moshe Perets


Rabbi Moshe Perets is the Founder and Executive Director of, the world’s largest Noahide informational website. He has established the Noahide Academy of Israel website under the non-profit organisation - אור לעמים - Light Unto the Nations since 2016. He accomplished his Rabbinical Studies at the Chabad Yeshiva of Brussels in 2011. He has a medical degree by the University of Louvain in Brussels as well a Masters in Biomedical Research by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has for the past years focused on Psychotherapy and developed a new approach: Deep Soul Therapy. He is a spiritual mentor, teacher, coach, and healer who has helped facilitate profound shifts for hundreds of people around the globe. His teaching activities at the Noahide Academy allowed students from all over the world to live passionate, purposeful lives, connect more intimately with G-d, and reveal the hidden light and power of their souls. Rabbi Moshe Perets lives currently in Israel with his wife and 5 children.

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