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Noahide Ambassadors

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Rabbi Moshe Perets
Founder & Director

Shalom to all,

This Group is for those who want to become Noahide Ambassadors in their own countries.

We are launching a Special Training Program for those who want to become Ambassadors from next week on Tuesday the 31st of October a 2pm Israel time by zoom for 1h, for a period of 7 weeks.

You can register here:

We will have Live Sessions with presentations on the function, program, activities and much more for a Noahide Ambassador.

Efraim van der Vennen
Arnold Sleiffer
Rabbi Moshe Perets
Rabbi Moshe Perets
26 oct. 2023

This Program will start if there is a minimum of 5 Registered Ambassadors.



How to Become a Noahide Ambassador. What is a Noahide Ambass...


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