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Noahide Ambassadors

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Rabbi Moshe Perets
Founder & Director


To unite all Noahide Nations under ONE G-d

By establishing a Global Coordinated Network of Noahide Ambassadors we aim to:

1- To establish an Activities Program such as education, social media, local talks, lobbying, etc...

2- To submit our activities and results to various Foundations in order to provide financial support for our Noahide Ambassadors.

3- To have full time (5 to 9) Embassies in each country.

Out of 198 nations, we currently only have

6 represented here on this website.

Warwick J Marshall Ben Noah
Lieve Maas
Normalita Cubelo
Bruce Littlejohn


How to Become a Noahide Ambassador. What is a Noahide Ambass...


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