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Noahide Dating - First Steps

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Hi everyone! Glad to meet you here. I'd like to post my details here in case God has a special man for me somewhere in the world!

Name: Josephine Woodcock

Age: 49

Language: English

Marital status: Divorced

Location: Scotland

Education: Music BA, and various other certificates/diploma

Religious level: I am currently noahide and I am in the process of converting to Judaism

Occupation: I was a tutor for over 25 years but am currently a carer.

Personal description: 5'5'', slim, pretty, healthy, a serious minded person with a sense of humour, kind, gentle, hard working and most of all dedicated to following Gd in all aspects of my life.

Looking for: a man who reads scripture/prays every day and who also will convert to Judaism.

Edward A. Kissi
Peter Wambui


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