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Rabbi Moshe Perets
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Why marry?

The question is so maddening because there seems to be very little rational reason to support such a drastic move.

Whichever way the issue is presented, the obvious cons considerably outweigh any pros which may be suggested. What logic lurks behind a commitment which lasts an eternity?

Would anyone in their right mind sign a job contract which contains a binding lifetime obligation, when so many jobs are available which do not require such an extreme commitment?

So, why enter a binding marriage proposition?

While the marriage contract does contain an escape clause, invoking this clause invariably causes unspeakable pain and emotional havoc.

Why not enjoy relationships for their natural duration, and then move on when the eroded passion ceases to justify the maintenance of the relationship?

Why would any sane person willingly consent to stick with a relationship even after it deteriorates to the point that it is rocky and challenging at best?

We will answer these questions in the coming posts. If you have any suggestions, please share your thoughts.

Tammy Renee


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