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Parshah Va'eira - Is there no Coincidence?

January 15-21, 2023 Exodus 6:2-9:35

By Angelique Sijbolts

A Part of the Torah Portion of this week: G‑d reveals Himself to Moses. Employing the “four expressions of redemption,” take out the Children of Israel from Egypt, deliver them from their enslavement, redeem them, and acquire them as His own chosen people at “Mount Sinai”; He will then bring them to the land He promised to the Patriarchs as their eternal heritage.

For Noahides

וַיְדַבֵּ֥ר אֱלֹהִ֖ים אֶל־מֹשֶׁ֑ה וַיֹּ֥אמֶר אֵלָ֖יו אֲנִ֥י יְהֹוָֽה׃

"6:2 God rebuked Moses for having asked him "why have You mistreated this people?" by saying to him: "I am God; this is My proper Name, which indicates that I can be relied upon to reward those faithful to Me."

He said to him, "I am God; this is My proper Name, which indicates that I can be relied upon to reward those faithful to Me, for because of My transcendence, nothing can prevent Me from fulfilling My promises. This, then, is why I have sent you:

The deliverance from slavery seemed up for grabs, so how great was the disappointment that this did not happen immediately, on the contrary, slavery became many times heavier. Now the people also had to supply the straw to bake the bricks themselves. The disappointment was greater than the confidence.

A confidence that the patriarchs had always maintained. Think , for example, of Abraham: HaShem had been promised to him the whole land, but despite this he had to buy the grave for his beloved Sarah for far too much money. Yet he continued to trust HaShem completely, that He would fulfil His promises.

Now - despite the disappointment - the Jewish people would come to realise that everything HaShem promises, He will do. For even though everything now seemed even darker than before, because they saw only Elokim, they would now come to learn and experience that Elokim and Havayah are One. That all promises come true. Because even if it takes longer than you expect, even if it takes 10 plagues first, His promises come true.

That is the most important lesson of the entire Torah - also for Noahides is - to teach us to realise that Elokim and Havayah are One.

Here in this verse that is super clearly stated.

"G-d [Elokim] spoke to Moses and said to him, 'I am G-d [Havayah].'"

Elokim says, so to speak, I am Havaya.

Even though things in the world seem to happen "by chance", or seem to fall under "natural laws", nothing happens just like that or automatically, everything happens because of the Will of Havaya, who stands for Chesed, Grace and Love.

Even when things do not go as we expect, even when promises do not seem to materialise, He does what He has promised - care for those who put there trust in him in Him - and He fulfils His promises.

There is no Coincidence, only HaShem

Sources: Kehot Chumash Parshah Va'eira

By Angelique Sijbolts


Angelique Sijbolts is one of the main writers for the website. She contributes for the admin of the website in English and Dutch. She teaches Hebrew to beginners and intermediate students at the Academy.

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