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The Story of Maimonides

Rambam: The Story of Maimonides

Rambam was born in Cordova, Spain, early in the 12th century. Facing the terror of the fanatic Muslim Almohads, he and his family fled Cordova. For seven years they lived in the mountains and caves of Spain. During that time, his remarkable Torah and Talmudic knowledge increased. His love of Torah combined with his avid study of healing and natural medicine, the sciences, mathematics, astronomy - as well as the works of the classical philosophers, began to shape the destiny of his life. Rambam was a holistic healer of body and soul. In an age of ignorance, he was a shining light of compassion and commitment towards his fellow human beings. A Berel Wein Destiny Production Director: Ashley Lazarus Producer: Beverly Beard The Destiny Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit. To keep these videos free, please consider making a tax-deductible donation here Voices of: Leonard Nimoy / Rambam Armand Assante / Inkman Written by Robert J. Avrech Music Composed by Yehuda Jordan Kaplan

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