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What Made Tyler Change His Life?

Shalom, my name is Tyler and for the past year or so I have become an observant Noahide.

I decided to change and to dedicate my life to the G-d of Israel after praying outside on September 15 2015 at 6:19 pm and seeing an angel give me confirmation to follow HaShem.

At the time I had spent 2 or 3 years practicing a idolatrous religion or paganism. I was used to giving animal sacrifices to pagan gods on my outside altar.

After a while I was not sure how to go about becoming more Holy, or in pursuit of HaShem’s work but as I thought about it more and more I noticed i was getting closer to achieving my goals in terms of self recognition. It took probably another year before I was where I wanted to be in life. However I also live with a brain disease and mood disorder known as schizoaffective disorder. Sometimes i was not sure if what I was perceiving in life was true or not. After I found the noahide academy and began learning the 7 noahide laws or noahide code it gave me a more stable framework to live within G-dly standards.

I have still been talking to other Noahides lately on a regular basis and they are always supportive as well as the Rabbis. I feel that the Noahide Code has helped me to live a more Holy existence. I still say my prayers everyday and am thankful to HaShem for letting me discover Him more and more each day. If there is one thing I have gained from Noahide path it is this:

While almost all other paths put something in between HaShem and the person, with Noahidism it is a direct connection to the Creator Himself. Also, we should be very grateful of HaShem keeping us in his creation as he speaks all of the universe into creation at every moment. Suddenly I was more appreciative of everything and everyone around me and thankful towards all things that are in my life.

By Tyler

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