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Details of the Prohibition of Murder

Warning: This sensitive topic speaks about the prohibition of murder and injury

Divine Code for November 22, 2022

Today: Pages 308-309

From 1:1 -- 1:2

A Gentile is forbidden to commit murder or bloodshed, and would be liable to the death penalty for this in a court of law, as G-d commanded Noah, ''But your blood of your souls I will demand; of every beast I will demand it; but of man (adam), of man for his brother, I will demand the soul of man (adam). Whoever sheds the blood of man (adam), by man (adam) his blood shall be shed; for in the image of G-d He made man (adam).''

The Sages explained:

(a) ''...your blood of your souls I will demand'' refers to one who commits suicide.

(b) ''...of every beast will I demand it'' refers to one who places another person before an injurious animal so it will kill him.

(c) ''...of man for his brother'' refers to one who sends another to kill.

For all these three cases, the verse states, ''I [G-d] will demand,'' which refers to punishment by G-d.

(d) ''Whoever sheds the blood of man'' refers to one who kills actively and deliberately.

(e) ''Whoever sheds the blood of adam within adam'' refers to one who kills a human fetus, which is ''a person within a person.''

(f) ''...his blood shall be shed'' refers to the judgement of capital punishment that is meted out by a court of law.

The reason for the prohibition of murder is clear and simple: it is necessary since G-d desires the world that He created to be inhabited and settles, and not destroyed and desolate, as it stated, ''He did not create it for emptiness; He fashioned it to be inhabited.''

Also, no person should presume that he has mastery over others to be able to take their lives or injure them according to his own will or desires.

Rather, a person should recognize that there is a Master and Creator of everything, Who directs the world and judges its inhabitants.

A person should respect the life, property and honor of his fellow human beings and not harm them, and know that the authority over human life is in the hands of G-d alone, and human beings do not have this authority or discretion in their own right.

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