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Humanity Has Begun to Re-examine Many of Its Core Values

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Divine Code for October 17, 2022

Today: Pages 236-238

From In our generation -- ...Eiver Min Ha'hai

In our generation, humanity has begun to re-examine many of its core values, and one outcome has been an increasing concern for establishing governmental and corporate standards for animal welfare (and for some, the relevance of animal rights in this process.) So it is important that we now look closely and seriously at the guidance provided bu the Torah's Noahide Code in this important area.

As had been the practice in Jewish law over the approximately 3300 years since the giving of the Torah through Moses, the implementation of any one of G-d's commandments has always been very carefully considered, including all of its details and ramifications. Throughout Jewish history, this process has been applied to the Noahide Code, just as it was to virtually all other subjects within the oral tradition of the Torah. Various expert Sages and Rabbis over the course of time taught and recorded their codifications, commentaries and responsa, and thereby provided clarifications and explanations of the fundamental text of the Oral Torah, which include the Mishnah and Talmud, the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides (Rambam), etc. Furthermore, new situations arise over the generations that need to be ruled upon, based on the principles of the existing rulings that cover the full spectrum of Torah Law.

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