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Is Cross-Mating Allowed?

Divine Code for November 14, 2022

Today: Pages 289-291

From 8:5 -- 8:11

The prohibition against cross-mating animals involves any act that will directly cause their mating, be it inserting the male organ into the female organ, raising the male upon the female, or encouraging them to mate by other means.

It is, however, permitted to put males and females of two different species in the same enclosure. If they mate of their own accord, one is not obligated to separate them. If, however, one knows that a worker, partner, or the like will cross-mate them if they are in the same enclosure, it is forbidden to place them there. There are differing Rabbinical opinions as to whether it is forbidden to enclose a pair of different species together if it is known that they will certainly cross-mate, for instance, introducing a female donkey or mule into the corral of a male horse that desires to mate. The resolution of this question remains in doubt, so from the outset it should not be done.

Even if two different species of animals or beasts appear similar and will be able to have offspring by mating, it is forbidden to cross-mate them. Thus, it is forbidden to mate a wolf and a dog, a fox and a ''kofri'' (wild) dog (i.e. a ''hunting'' dog, or in other opinions a mall dog that resembles a fox), a deer and a goat, a mountain-sheep and a domestic sheep, a horse and a donkey, a horse and a mule, a donkey and a mule, or a domestic donkey and a wild donkey.

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