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Lost in Egypt and then Babylon then Amongst the Nations, now Finally I am Home...

By Eliyhau Greenwald

I am sure, Martin Greenwald was shivering, there in Prussia, the winters are long, cold and bitter. The sheep did not shiver, even though their heavy coats of wool clung in frozen clumps about their bodies. He probably was crying, or grieving because of his son Gottlieb.

Martin was my great great grandfather in 1790, in the Pomeranian area of Prussia, a sheep herder.

His son Gottlieb had converted to christianity and now his first name was changed to Christian.

Christian ( my great grandfather ) had heard of the golden streets of America and the opportunities there, and now he decided he was going to go to USA, and the best way to get there was by converting and then the church would help you.

So in 1881 he and his wife and 5 children boarded a ship and came to America.

My grandpa Emil Karl August Greenwald, was 8 yrs old when he came to America, I am sure the ship was crowded and cold and wet and miserable, but he was a strong boy and survived, many others died.

They all went to Minnesota and setup camp, and assimilated into good Christian Americans.

In 1909, my dad Gerald Arthur Greenwald, was born there and so was I, in 1953.

Now I am 69 years old the last Greenwald in our family, and living/ visiting in Israel,,,, our family has finally come home.

Sunset over the Coast of Israel, the buildings of Hadera in the distance.

Erev tov from Hermesh and the hills of Israel...

Ezekiel 36:24

“For I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land.”

My childhood was quite harsh and traumatic and abusive, but I survived.

I was raised in a minimalist Christian environment but I never joined any churches, I remember going to a church a few times for christmas and easter, but that was it.

We lived 10 miles out in the country and a large family of 7 kids.

By the time I was a young adult I was atheist/ agnostic, and had no belief in G-d, a very sad and angry child and lost in egypt per se.

We moved from Minnesota to Arizona when I was 15 / 16 and settled in northern Az. I was a troubled young boy and had much anger towards life in general, and as an atheist hated most everyone, including myself.

I got introduce to Islam, and for a few years studied it and started to understand that it was not a good path, so I literally ran away from it.

When I went to college I got introduced to more atheistic communist things and realized it too was not good, so that too I abandoned.

I started to study the eastern religions Buddhism, Hindu, Tao, Zen etc etc,,, but found not much solace it them either, so I abandoned them.

Then I started to study Christianity, but there too I found not much help, tho it did, help me understand more about myself, but it too I abandoned and never joined any churches, so I then went into Messianic Hebrew roots stuff, but there too I found not much help, tho it did help me understand about Judaism and the roots of Christian beliefs and traditions some.

For the past 8 yrs or so I have been studying the Noahide movement, and at the present this is where I am on my journey to the truth.

I have started to take Noahide courses and finally now I have been finding much solace and truth in this movement.

Currently I am considering on a full conversion to Judaism, and am planning on doing so, bizrot hashem...

I have done some traveling in this world Lived and worked all over the USA and Mexico, and 14 yrs ago I lived and worked here in Israel, almost got married to an Israeli woman from Ukraine, but that did not work out, I went back to the USA and have just recently came back here to Israel.

I have been to Europe and Poland and Germany, have a cousin there from Ukraine and he, his wife and kids escaped the war in Kiev, back in march of 2022. been to Jordan, and Cyprus


Mall in Warsaw Poland

Brought By Eliyah Greenwald

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