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Noahide Ambassadors 102

  • 7Weeks
  • 7Steps
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This Course is for Noahides who want to be Ambassadors. It is the second cycle for training. During this 7-week Course we discuss the following topics: 1. The Political Success of King David; 2. To be an Ambassador for the Academy and the First Commandment; 3. The 2nd Commandment and First Dynamic of Leadership; 4. The 3rd Commandment and Second Dynamic of Leadership; 5. The 4th Commandment and Third Dynamic of Leadership; 6. The 5th Commandment and the Fourth Dynamic of Leadership; 7. The 6th Commandment and the Fifth Dynamic of Leadership. At the end of this Course you receive a Noahide Ambassador Grade 2 Badge and a Final Certificate.

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Course Content

Teaching Rabbis

Course, Group Discussion

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Noahide Ambassadors

Noahide Ambassadors

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